Side Effect of Sitting All Day

Side Effect of Sitting All Day

Technological developments develop every year, this is also of course accompanied by the human lifestyle. One of them is in terms of office work which requires employees to spend at least 9 hours per day sitting in front of a computer screen.

Especially this year which requires us to do anything from home, to meet virtually online. Sitting is one of the most commonly practiced activities because we are encouraged to stay indoors and go nowhere.

1. Weight Gain

Simple. If you sit all day long, you won't burn as many calories when you are actively moving. If you don't burn as many calories as you consume, you will gain weight. So, sitting all day will increase the number on your scale, especially if you don't practice a healthy diet.

2. Loss of Brainpower

One of the most common and very physical symptoms of living much of your life in a seated position is the presence of back and neck pain. Cradling a phone to your ear and jutting your neck and head forward while working at a computer leads to strains in your cervical vertebrae which causes neck strain, sore shoulders, and back pain. The very act of sitting puts added pressure on your spine and compresses the disks that make up your back.

3. Back and Shoulder Pain

Especially if you have bad posture, sitting all day can cause back pain or shoulder pain. Slouching in front of a screen or leaning back in the wrong position during the day can cause your body to experience pain which can interfere with activities.

4. Weakened Muscles

Sitting all day loosens and weakens the muscles in the body, particularly those in the midsection and lower body.  And without strong legs and glutes, our lower body becomes unable to hold us up when sitting down or keep us stable when walking and jumping, putting us at risk of injury. As they say, if you don’t use it, you lose it.